Railers is a web development firm based in Stockholm, Sweden.
We specialize in web development, design and back-end architecture.

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Our services

We provide solid services in order to make sure that you or your company are satisfied. By always working close to our customers, constantly evaluating and taking feedback we strive to develop products that are perfect for you and that fit your needs.

We offer a great variety of services. Amongst these are hosting, webshops, ordering-systems, CMS, payment-solutions.


We have have an e-commerce system for online shopping. Setting up a shop online is a great way to reach an entire new market. We can build an entire web site for your or just integrate a shop in your already existing site. Recent trends indicate that the e-commerce industry will continue to raise and surely you don't want to miss out on all the action.


We can can both develop are run a web site for you. The sites we host are run on servers in the cloud, dedicated to hosting which results in a high uptime and low latency.

Got a problem?

We build solutions. If you are in need of some IT-service don't hesitate to contact us. Especially if it's something challanging, we love challenges.

About us

Railers AB was founded in July 2012 and are situated in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a young, inquisitive team with our roots coming from KTH which is one of the leading technical universities in Scandinavia. We have a passion for technology and problem solving. Lucky for us those two go hand in hand!

We have always been technology nerds. With the introduction of Internet and all of its glory, of course we got drawn into its abyss. Everything evolves so fast on the Internet and we would like to be part of it. Bleeding edge techniques like Angular.js, Node and CSS3 to name a few, make it a very pleasent experience to both develop and to use modern websites.

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Birger Jarlsgatan 104i 114 20 Stockholm

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